Just a snapshot.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, that was worth a million—no, a hundred million.

There they were, plain as day. Naked.

I’d never met them, but I knew them. I knew they’d been that way all day, and the day before. It was a never-ending honeymoon. Naked they were. Naked they stayed, unashamed … until that day.

Up until the snapshot, it was pure bliss.

After the snapshot, they dove for cover, clamored for clothes. They were never the same. Ever.

For the first time, they felt ashamed, naked, afraid.

Not because they wore nothing, but because they held something.

They were still holding the remains of what they’d eaten; devil’s food — forbidden fruit.

Their eyes were opened, Adam and Eve knew they were naked … exposed.

Exposed. That word superimposed over the snapshot of the naked, blushing couple.

That’s what I saw, after fasting and praying for a number of days at the start of 2020.

Exposed was the word of the year.

Day after day corruption was exposed beyond belief, beyond measure.

The whole world muzzled and dove for cover for fear of exposure to the invisible enemy…or, the visible one, of rioting looting, burning and shooting.

Every day the headlines read, “Exposed.”

But that was 2020. It’s over. Good riddance.

America will never be the same. Ever. But there’s good news.

Exposure, isn’t pretty, polished or polite. It’s messy, chaotic and ugly. But it reveals what must be removed; corruption, cancer and rot.

The exposing, although painful, wasn’t for naught. It won’t be swept under the rug of a new regime, or forgotten like a new year’s resolution. We the people, the silent majority, the slumbering Church will not sit down, shut up or take another nap. We’re finally engaged and by the grace of God, we’ll stay that way until all corruption, cancer and rot are removed.

For a minute it appeared a giant rock of fear had sealed us in a tomb. We followed rules. Locked up. Masked up. Sat down. Shut up.

But a whisper was heard, all around the world. Folks were kneeling, not to BLM, but to God Almighty. Big tech and politically correct couldn’t silence us.

Today, these prayers continue, without ceasing, the numbers are growing, the fervency increasing. God is hearing.

There’s a rumbling, a shaking, a new wind blowing. I can feel it. Can you? The fear that once caused saints to cower, to bow, to yield, has been reversed. The praying populist are pushing back, courage is rising.

The rock of fear has rolled back on those who sent it. Media pundits overplay their trembling hand. Petrified politicians cry wolf, again and again.

Fear of exposure only possesses the guilty. The naked couple feared, only after they’d sinned. It’s why observers, counters, machines and ballots were hid.

Illegitimacy gives birth to fear. That’s why Pharaoh, and then Herod, slaughtered babies. Why DC is surrounded by razor wire fences, machine guns and soldiers.

The enemy tried to put US in fear — but it only drove US to prayer.

Earnestly and fervently folks fasted and prayed. I’ve been on countless prayer calls, with thousands from around the globe. We’ve drawn nigh to God and, as promised, He has drawn nigh too. Which is why fear has fled. God is love. Perfect love casts out all fear.

This year, it happened again. After fasting and praying another snapshot appeared. An army. A good army. Marching in unison. A glorious army without spot or wrinkle. And the word superimposed over the picture? Engaged.

Engaged, as in, deployed on active duty. As in, “all in.” Totally alert and ready. Passionately, intimately fully committed; as in, engaged to be married.

The enemy of our soul tried to scare US into silence and submission by exposing such corruption and evil, but it only served as a trumpet to engage an army that shall never call retreat.

Let’s pray:

Father, forgive our apathy that caused atrophy. We teeter over a communist abyss. We need You now, more than ever.

Thank You for waking US, not to scare US, but to engage US. Show US where we should go, how we should act, what we should say and where we should stand. We look to You our Commander in Chief.

Now, here we stand; the Red Sea raging before US, our enemy charging toward US. Though the ways of man have failed US, we do not fear. For we’re fully persuaded You will deliver.

We want You to know, that here and now, we make a vow, to stand our ground and even if You never deliver US, even then, even still, no matter what, we still believe and we. will. never. bow to anyone…but You.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, God Almighty, King of kings, Lord of lords


Doug Spurling is a Sebring winter resident, an author and a blog writer.

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