Sometimes, this column business is easy peasy. I have a great topic I can go on about for the required word length and I get it written and done in plenty of time to make my deadline, no doubt to the delight of the newspaper.

Then there are the times where it’s harder. When the topics run away and go into hiding. When nothing seems appropriate or would cause a war I don’t want to start.

This is one of those times.

Part of it is that Wednesday found me in a dark place. I strive to be a positive person. After all, as a Christian there’s a lot to be positive about. But recent events put me in a depressing place.

This was the week partisanship rose its ugly head in the impeachment hearings and the State of the Union. I saw both the president and the Speaker of the House act like 2-year-olds Tuesday night, and that may be unkind to 2-year-olds.

And impeachment — where do I begin? Both sides let themselves be controlled by partisanship, rather than what is best for the country. It was a forgone conclusion that Trump would be impeached but not convicted, and it was more because of which party ruled the House and the Senate than any facts.

Then there’s the fact that I have friends on both ends of the political spectrum and get hit on both sides with differing opinions. My friends have a right to their opinions and even voicing them. But I’ve seriously considered hiding certain posts because the name calling is so vicious and the lack of wanting to get along so obvious it’s painful to read.

So, when I went to pick up Paul, my honorary son, from work last night I wasn’t in the best of moods. He picked up on it and pulled the reason out of me.

He had a ready solution: Dairy Queen. He insisted we go through the drive-thru and get something with chocolate in it for me. While the problem is bigger than even chocolate, I must admit it didn’t hurt. Probably because of the love behind it.

Then I posted on Facebook that I was struggling to be positive and could I get cute pet pics and positive thoughts? I was rewarded with several adorable pictures and encouragement. They also helped. I have good friends who will step in when I cry out.

A quick phone call to my youngest son James brought me advice and the reminder that it’s OK to be concerned about what’s going on.

Then this morning I self-medicated not with chocolate, but with a video call to my daughter-in-law Amanda, who let me spend time looking at my handsome 7-week-old grandson and interacting with my beloved 22-month-old granddaughter. For my recent birthday, John and Amanda gifted me with a mug that says, “My blessings call me Grandma.” How true that is.

And two people who read my post contacted me to make sure I was OK. One of them is my BFF, who is a great sounding board and helpful when I need someone to talk me off a proverbial ledge.

The darkness is still there. Our country’s politics are a mess at the moment. I just saw a post on Facebook that is part of the problem — someone who blamed the side he disagreed with for all the problems we have. It’s not productive, and it’s not going to end it seems.

But the light of friends and family can pierce the darkness and help. A lot. And I am grateful for those who are there for me when I need them.