Obviously Black Lives Matter.org is not really interested in black lives!. I have before me a chart put out by FBI Crime Report 2018 Expanded Homicide Data Table 6. This chart shows the murder of black and white people in the US, 2018. Listed is the number per 1,000,000 members of the murderer's race: whites killed by Blacks - 11.30 [per 1 million]; Blacks killed by whites - 0.95; whites killed by whites - 10.84; Blacks killed by Blacks - 57.14. This is much more impressive in the chart form. Facts do not lie!

Of course, each one of these lives matter to the families and loved ones. It is a tragedy that politics is being played with these lives. If BLM is really interested in black lives, it does not take a PHD to see where they need to work, spend their time and money. Is there a case of mass hypocrisy here?

Frank Parker