President Trump announced that he is now a "War Time" president. In the next breath, he said that the Federal government is not a "shipping clerk." I don't even know how to respond to such a blatantly irresponsible remark.

We are in the midst of a clear and present danger and he has absolutely no sympathy, no empathy, or helping hand to offer. Doctors and nurses are begging for protective gear such as face masks. I read about a doctor, who without any gear, treated a coronavirus patient. Needle workers have been asked to make face masks as all the states have dwindling supplies. New York requested 2,000 retired doctors and nurses to come forth to help in these dire times. Over 2,000 volunteered.

How do you put this in context? He is a "War Time" president?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a "War Time" president. Donald Trump does't even come close. The U.S. Army is the best at mobilizing anything we may need in peace or wartime.

Why haven't they been ordered to do so and get the necessary protective gear to where it is so badly needed? The reason is that President Trump with all his blustering doesn't know how to. He has fired or dismissed all the people that we need now. The states have been handling this crises on their own. But, they still need help from the government. Heaven help us!

Judith Eckstein