1. There are actually different theories regarding when humans first manufactured and used ink, but we can all agree that it happened thousands of years ago. One historian named BN Goswamy believes that a philosopher called Tien-Lcheu invented ink during the Bronze Age in the year 2697 BC.

2. Permanent ink isn’t really permanent. An eco-friendly and non-toxic lanolin-based cream will remove most types of permanent ink easily.

3. Researchers have found that squid ink has antioxidant properties that boost your immunity. Perhaps more impressively, squid ink enhances the production of white blood cells and stops blood vessels growing in tumors to fight cancer.

4. In many ancient cultures, making ink from the burnt bones and ashes of the deceased was far from uncommon.

5. Despite being painful to extract as well as being a low-quality ink, many people use blood to make their mark.

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