I’m still laughing, but it’s tinged with pity for some people in our lovely town who are hearing only one voice. That voice is Fox News.

I was raised by very smart parents who taught me to get all the information I could before making important decisions. The writer of the column on Jan. 31 was obviously not given such opportunities for learning. He asked me in the column to tell him one thing Trump has violated in the Constitution. Well, the actual words, quid pro quo, don’t appear there, but the meaning does, and it is crystal clear. No president can strong-arm foreign powers to help him in an election; covering up what all the witnesses and documents show is definitely not what they envisioned.

Trump owns the Senate, the DOJ and is close to owning the SCOTUS. Does the writer actually believe this usurping of the separate branches of government is good for America? If so, he is saying he is fine with a president who has absolutely no checks or balances in place to stop him from future crimes like threatening governors, senators, intelligence people, etc., etc. if they don’t do his bidding. Witnesses and documents are the key factors in conducting a fair trial, but the Republicans blocking them ended any fairness.

“Welcome to Little Russia, folks,” is what you are being told by Fox groupies. Putin is a happy man to have been instrumental in installing Trump as “president.” Congratulations.

Vote him out in November.

Kathy Rabatie