Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

The Democrats want to change the Constitution that has served us very well for 200 years and replace it with a totally insane system. We cannot allow this to happen.

If you have not had blinders on for the last four years you almost expected what has gone on with this election. Trump wins by a landslide but as usual the “dark side” follows their “anti-America agenda” working together in unison trying everything in their power to turn us into a Banana Republic. Cheating does not mean the same thing to them as it does to us. To them it is natural and to us, obviously, it is not. The reason for the difference is we have a conscience. The reason it has escalated to this point is simple. Over the years the ones who have been doing the dirty deeds and selling out America have never been prosecuted nor even had accountability. Now, we will all pay the price.

If you were raised and taught basic morals and you were brought up to try to follow the Ten Commandments and most importantly if you have simple common sense, then you can clearly see what is going on in our country. You can naturally distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil. If you fall into this category and love this country, you are up against those who are the complete opposite. These people are money and power obsessed and will sell out America because, again, they have no conscience.

They have been working on this for years, driven by greed, jealousy and hatred. Their web stretches far and wide reaching from those in our government and judicial system to Hollywood and sports. Worst of all, unfortunately, they have infiltrated segments of our educational system, targeting and teaching “certain types” of kids that America’s history is all bad and to hate America. This is all being fueled by the corrupt anti-America media, psycho billionaires, Big Tech and China. Most of them have been bought off and have pledged their allegiance and souls to China.

Our lower courts in certain states like Georgia have already failed by allowing laws to be changed in the last year to allow voter fraud. Joe Biden, the self-described “gaffe machine,” is under fire again for a recent quote as a confession of wide-scale voter fraud saying, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” If our higher courts screw this whole thing up, we will have a big mess and as of 10/11/2020 the Supreme Court is off to a great start at doing just that. If we are going to have nothing more than, as the saying goes “talk to the hand” Supreme Court, we have huge problems. They literally do not want to hear the evidence. That is a very dangerous path. It’s already being talked about that John Roberts will do nothing in President Trump’s favor as he has been threatened by the rioters.

The last thing our Supreme Court needs is a coward. Those who voted for Biden can’t tell you one thing he did to help our country in the 47 years he has been there. They also can’t tell you about the deals he made selling out America to foreign countries in order to make him, his family and friends wealthy. They watch the wrong news outlets but will eventually learn the truth. When many of the people who voted for Biden realize what “agenda” they voted for, they will join with the Trump supporters and will stand together to save the country.

Highlands County is probably the safest place to live in the country right now as well as our state. First of all, we are blessed to have Ron DeSantis as our governor. He has two character traits that are becoming more and more rare with governors across America. He is not just smart; he has common sense and he loves this country. The same can be said for the heads of the law enforcement agencies in our county as well as surrounding ones. Sebring is blessed to have John Shoop as a mayor and not a Bill De Blasio.

America has seen and heard enough evidence to know the election was a sham. Realize however, many in the “Swamp” have eyes but can’t see and ears that can’t hear. A perfect example was Attorney General Bill Barr. All faith was lost in him when he said that Jeffrey Epstein did commit suicide. Oh, really Billy? I think John Durham, with his mystery “never ending, no conclusion” report, and Bill Barr are as scared of the Deep State as Jeff Sessions was and maybe they have a good reason to be. John Durham and Bill Barr are and were nothing more than empty suits. Realize, open ended investigations of politicians are hallmarks of corrupt regimes and dictatorships.

If President Trump was to have stayed on, our country would have been fine and would have continued to prosper. With Biden, there will be a “merging” between China and the Deep State who are all globalists and definitely not America first as China makes them all rich. If the Biden presidency actually tries to push their insane ideas on America, it will never work. The heart of America will not put up with this and we all know what this means, do we not? I do not say that lightly.

Robert Gilbert is a Sebring resident. All columns and letters to the editor are opinions of the writer and do not necessarily reflect that of the Highlands News-Sun.