If we are soon to have a Democratic president, the next question is, who should the voters select to serve in Congress. The last time we had a sitting Democratic president, Mitch McConnell openly boasted during Obama’s first term that he and his Republican colleagues were going to do everything in their power to preclude an Obama second term by frustrating his every move.

If Biden wins the November election, Mitch and company can again be counted on to move heaven and earth to prevent a Biden presidency from succeeding on behalf of the American people. Mitch has little to no tolerance for what is good policy for the American people unless the interests of the Republican Party are primarily served.

Republicans, or at least those that end up in Washington, apparently view themselves as party loyalists first, and as Americans second or at some more remote position further on down the line. For those Republicans who do not view themselves to be Americans first, and would have no stomach for any achievements on behalf of the American people over the next four year as that would portend a second term for Joe Biden, be sure to vote Republican for the balance of your national ticket.

John Huber