In the world of today it is very difficult to find good news. Additionally we are always quick to complain but rarely do we take time to share the good things that happen.

This past Saturday I stopped by Griffin's Cleaners #1 to pick up my dry cleaning and the attendant gave me an envelope along with my clothes. Apparently I had left two gift cards and some money in the pockets of an item that was to be cleaned.

How refreshing it is to live in small town America where people really care. Thank you so much to the Griffin's employee(s) that emptied my pockets and for their honesty. This is just another example of the great business ethics of Griffin's Cleaners #1 together with the excellent quality of their work.

Highlands County is so fortunate to have a dry cleaning company of the calibre that they have worked so hard to deliver and speaking for myself I have nothing but the highest of regard for the company and for its employees. Thank you Griffin's Cleaners #1 and staff for taking such good care of my dry cleaning needs.

Shelagh Byatt

Lake Placid