Sometimes, it’s very easy to believe that humanity is primarily composed of jerks and creeps.

Look at Washington, DC. Read or listen to the news. Scroll social media. You will find a number of examples of people behaving badly. Just be a woman playing the online game Words with Friends ... I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit on by some random guy in the game. I will even tell them I’m happily married, and it doesn’t deter them (These days I don’t wait. First comment that is the equivalent of “Hello, beautiful” and they’re blocked).

Lest you conclude that it’s hopeless out there, I want to share a story of two firefighters that went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to a little girl last October.

According to articles I read on Facebook,, and, two Utah firefighters responded to a car crash. North Davis Fire District Chief Allen Hadley and Captain Kevin Lloyd, both fathers of young girls, found one of the vehicles’ occupants was a little girl who was unhurt but understandably quite upset.

The little girl was screaming and crying while medics checked out her mom, so the two firefighters took it upon themselves to try and calm the child. As a mom who has dealt with screaming and crying children, I know this is not an easy task.

They noticed that she was holding bottles of – of all things – fingernail polish. The men started talking to her about the polish and then – in what must have been a burst of inspiration – asked if she’d paint their nails.

Looking at their picture from the articles, these guys don’t strike me as the type who regularly paint their nails. But apparently the request did the trick. It wasn’t long before the little girl was calmly painting the guys’ fingernails a bright purple.

None of the articles mention the child’s age, but she must have been relatively young. There were pictures of the guys’ fingers after she painted them and my guess is she needs some more practice. Nevertheless, the guys even posed for pictures, purple polish and all.

There were great comments on the Facebook post about the incident. My favorite one so far was from a woman who wrote, “So pretty! You’ll be glad to know we now have a LARGE bottle of polish remover in Dispatch for the next time.”

These guys remind me that not everyone is bad. Their kindness and willingness to go the second mile is a fine example we should applaud.

Another example of good people? The other day I was bemoaning the fact that I would not see my latest grandbaby, born last month, until March. That may not seem like long to some of you, but to a grandma, that’s an eternity to meet her sweet grandson.

One of my friends, a lady named Dixie, heard me and immediately suggested we go on a road trip to see Matthias, his sister, and their parents in South Carolina. I thought about it for a day, and asked her if the offer was real. It was.

We leave for our road trip next Thursday. Stay tuned – I’ll make sure to tell you all about it. And thanks to sweet Dixie who’s willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for a friend.