With 136 days to go (the day I wrote this letter) to election time, Donald J. Trump is going down in flames and taking as many people he can with him. The Friday night firings of government officials has become a regular occurrence, the disastrous Tulsa Rally, the losses twice at the hands of the Supreme Court by two Republican-appointed judges and his constant raving about COVID-19 and refusing to let the scientists be interviewed by Congress because they would tell the truth about the virus has really shown us the real nature of a very self-centered and vindictive individual that has been the most corrupt and ignorant person ever to serve as President of the United States. 20,000 lies as of now, a Twitter machine running wild all hours of the day and a complete lack of empathy for those suffering in this country.

Those of you that watched the impeachment trial heard a Lt. Col. Vinman, an Army officer attached to the White House, testify. This cost him his job and presently is on a list for promotion to full colonel. This affects his career and pension. The present commander-in-chief, himself a draft dodger, is considering dropping his name from the list of those being considered for promotion.

Is this not the height of vindictiveness ? This is our president folks. A sorry excuse of a man who thinks only of himself. I have written before of my thoughts about Trump and have mentioned I am a conservative but absolutely will not be voting for this total loser. Think carefully about how much more damage he could do to this country.

Hal Graves