We recently learned that the Gold's Gym will be closing their doors in a few days. Why? Is it because of the expense of running the facility? Is it because the owner is not making enough money or is it because the owner wants more for his buck and may be a bit greedy?

Why on earth would anybody take something away that works for the people of the community? Is relocating the facility not an option for the owner?

We enjoy the gym and the staff. We are finally on a path to get in shape and stay in shape. The equipment is top notch. The facility is always clean when we visit and the staff is very helpful.

We have searched this area and surrounding areas for other possibilities for exercise, but have come up empty handed. It saddens us that we have followed doctor's orders to stay fit and eat healthier, but somebody or something has decided our fate for us.

In conclusion, the person or persons who have the final say in this decision should be encouraged to reconsider their thoughts of the closing of this great community asset.

Ron and Patti Foster