Government goldbricks

As COVID cases continue to climb in Florida and across the country, Florida government still manages to spend time and resources on such useless tripe as passing bills to battle problems we didn’t know we had. Representative Kaylee Tuck, in a desperate attempt to make herself relevant has waged war against the perceived transgender problem in girl’s sports.

Fact is, Ms. Tuck couldn’t site a single case in Florida, but rather made vague references to such cases elsewhere. This political lightweight has too much free time on her hands that she can focus on a imaginary boogeymen.

If Ms. Tuck’s brainchild weren’t enough, the Florida Board of Education is proposing that school curriculum be changed in order that students may be indoctrinated with religious propaganda by teaching that our rights are ‘heaven sent’ and that America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. This is all poppycock and is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution.

Governor DeSantis wastes time crowing about his accomplishments as he pounds the drum for duly ejected #45. All the while, COVID cases and deaths continue to spike across the state. Government goldbricks continue to chase phantoms while the Florida taxpayers continue to play the goat.

Horace Markley


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