According to a recent letter writer, he is distraught with the group Indivisible. He greatly dislikes their stand against assault weapons being sold directly across from Sebring High School. He bizarrely states our group is "full of hatred."

Well, the message Indivisible published in the Highlands News-Sun on the same day of his diatribe reads: "We love our children more than we love our guns." Apparently, letter's author does not agree with putting the lives of our children over gun ownership.

But he saves his most vicious and vile statement until the end. He writes:"Where I come from that's called high treason and should be dealt with accordingly." This is obviously him seeking the deaths of those in Indivisible.

As a proud member of Indivisible, I find his threats on my life as disturbing. He is obviously a hate-filled man who wantonly seeks the death of those with opposing views. If ever there was an example of why Sebring does not need more guns, this writer is it.

What is equally disturbing and confounding is why the Highlands News-Sun published this threatening letter. I would suggest that this newspaper concentrate on improving the community and take a stand against bullies, guns, and hate.

James Reid