Ned Hancock is more than a friend and a Republican. Ned is the best qualified candidate to represent “we the people” in the Florida House of Representatives.

He comes from very highly respected family and he has a proven record of being a successful farmer and business man.

He understands the work ethic as a boss. He sets a good example by being a hard worker, knowing to have a job is a G-d given responsibility to honor.

Ned is a good husband to his wife Tammy and a good father. He is a church member who believes in the right to bear arms to protect one’s self. He supports our Second Amendment rights.

Please visit Ned’s website –, or call him at 863-385-3250 – to find out more about Ned and his plans for our county and our state.

Let’s all support and vote for Ned Hancock on Aug. 19, 2020.

Marvin Kahn