July marks the 45th anniversary of NU-HOPE Elder Care Services, Inc. This is not merely the anniversary of an organization; it is a celebration of the concerted efforts of the community. What started with concerned individuals in Highlands County uniting to provide support to seniors has grown into a community-wide effort to comprehensively address the needs of seniors and their caregivers.

The community has recognized and embraced the intrinsic worth of older individuals by working to build safety and service networks. With limited resources, this has not always been easy. The tenacity and perseverance of our community is what is celebrated. Because of relationships and partnerships formed, we are able to celebrate 45 years of helping seniors remain in their homes. Together, these works strengthen the community. It is this work that gives us inspiration to forge ahead.

The past four months have been particularly challenging as we are now tasked to develop strategies to effectively serve seniors in an unchartered environment often referred to as ‘the new normal’. These challenges threaten our mental, physical, and financial well-being and may appear unsurmountable.

However, as we face such uncertainty, we are equipped with 45 years of strength and support from the community. We must embrace the past to move forward. NU-HOPE is committed to always move forward … to always seek new and better ways to serve a community that is ever changing. We are proud of our first 45 years. However, we are even prouder of the commitment shown by the entire community to meet the needs of our oldest residents, regardless of the challenges we face.

Today we ask that you join us as we raise a toast to our first 45 years, but also in agreement of your commitment to our next 45 years! Thank you all for making each of these possible.

Ingra Gardner, MA

Executive Director

NU-HOPE Elder Care Services, Inc.