I read with amazement and amusement the letters from the self-proclaimed intellectuals who claim to be experts on President Donald Trump. It is very obvious they have no respect for the man and will not give him a moment's praise. I wonder, as I have dealt with people over many years, if there is not some jealousy there?

If you cannot refute the message or success, then you attack the messenger. Observe: unstable New York elitist; self-imagined demiurge; abuse women; draft dodger; falsehood; liar, clown, defied White House tin pot leader, empty suit elitist.

What is developing in the election is the tragedy of tragedies. These people are letting their hatred for Trump sell out America, the land of the free and brave. The package and attached baggage they are voting for is very dangerous. Just listen to them. Please, defocus your attention on your hatred for Trump, which is fogging your mind, and see the facts. Trump and all his "warts" are far better for the future of the USA.

Frank Parker