Let's start with I like Trump's policies, but hate the way he goes about it. Enough of the name calling and nicknames. But let's examine that whole story. The Dems thought they had the '16 election bought and paid for and they are mad.

For all you liberals, please tell me what they have done to help America in the last three years?

They spent 2.5 years on the Russian collusion probe with nothing, then after only one month went to the Ukraine investigation. Both a waste of time.

What they fear the most is Trump's promises. One of which was to "drain the swamp" and the Dems realized they are the swamp and that scares the crap out of them. For all you younger's [sic] who believe the answer is the left and their promise of "free," let's remember that the only socialist country that works is Sweden and their effective tax rate is 57.8%

The main reason they hate him is because he is not a politician. This is the main reason we need term limits and get rid of the life-long politicians on both sides.

Art Brand

Avon Park