A letter to the editor finds it “unacceptable” that many of us refuse to participate in the mass hysteria generated by the Chinese flu planned-demic.

For last month have been purposefully ignoring news about it, only glancing at the headlines. They would lead one to believe that bodies are stacking up in the streets, mass graves are just around the corner and civilization as we know it is in danger. Nothing of the sort is occurring.

Publix looks like a Halloween party with about 90% of folks wearing (and improperly wearing) all manner of face covering and various colored gloves. Many have the masks pulled down below their nose and only covering their mouths, this is more prevalent among the older folk. Many men with their bandanas around their lower faces appear to be desperados ready to rob the stagecoach in an old Hopalong Cassidy movie. A few look like characters out of the bar scene in the first Star Wars movie.

Am disappointed, though not surprised, with how easily such a large percentage of the world have been manipulated into cowering in their hovels awaiting the all clear from The Authorities or when they venture out to purchase goods to horde, gear up like clowns.

"Those who would trade safety for freedom deserve neither" — Thomas Jefferson

Harold Day

Lake Placid