Hunting season is in full force. That means that an increasing number of people are exposing themselves to excessive noise. This increase in noise from the gun fire also increases the risk of getting a noise-induced hearing loss.

While everyone should take precautions to protect their precious hearing, often hunters wear nothing because they need to hear the game in which they are seeking. There are solutions available that will actually enhance your ability to hear and then protect your hearing when you pull the trigger on your gun.

The Sound Gear High-Definition Hearing Protection & Sound Enhancement System by Starkey Hearing Technologies is the perfect solution to protecting your hearing for all noise environments, but especially for hunting. There are two versions. An industrial design that has a 25 decibel noise reduction, 8db gain input and with 80db output limit. The hunting and tactile devices have an impressive 25 decibel noise reduction rating and 15dB of gain (to help hear those animals) with 93dB output. This allows the sounds the animals are making in the woods to be more noticeable yet immediately provide the best protection when you shoot. They provide dynamic digital protection for your ears. They are high-definition sound reproduction devices.

Sound Gear are available in an instant fit version and are available and in stock at our office. They are ready to wear right out of the box. They sit just inside of the ear can and are discreet. The product can also be a custom fit in which we take impression to order the product. These will usually take about a week to get.

Enjoy your hunting season. Protect your hearing.

To Hear Better Is To Live Better!