Since COVID-19 disastrously invaded our lives, several other welcome visitors entered my life. Perhaps, you’ve experienced this as well.

Please indulge some pondering of my blessings at this time. Join me with these; or, discover a new direction God may be leading you.

I was searching for a book that would feed my desire to be a better listener to God in prayer. Then I found Priscilla Shirer’s book, “Discerning the Voice of God…How to recognize when God is speaking.”

Delivery of this book and ‘sheltering at home’ arrived together.

Time on my hands became a page turner. My heart and mind have been opened anew to hearing his whispers.

Also, just prior to the pandemic, I heard an announcement by Pastor Greg Laurie on our local Christian radio station. His ministry was beginning a new intimate style worship service called Harvest at Home. He, his family and worship team would come into our homes via the internet.

With our personal church involvement, I didn’t think we would get to watch it. But when church closed at the beginning of the quarantine, we tuned in.

I felt as if they were in our home. The intimacy of music and message touched me in a tender way. Even now, we go to our own drive-in services but first tune in to Harvest at Home for our ‘Sunday school.’

God is always willing to fill us up with nourishment if we will be open and willing to receive his gifts.

Have you ever been at a total loss for words in prayer? I have, but we can thank God that Romans 8: 22-27 promises the Spirit of God prays for us when we can’t speak a word. We have been praying specifically for several loved ones and have fallen on our faces at a loss for words.

In the face of this, some uplifting words about spiritual breathing were presented to me. I hope they inspire you as they did me to inhale God’s good gifts and release those things we need to release.

Breathe in strength, exhale our exhaustion.

Breathe in freedom, exhale all that holds us back.

Breathe in a new sense of direction, exhale the paths we no longer want to use.

Breathe in hope, exhale self-doubt.

Breathe in unconditional love, exhale distrust and hate.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will blow away our fears and worries and help us to breathe in God’s gifts of new life.

Listen with your heart and respond to his whispers. Selah