Sometimes we take for granted what is right before us. I took a chance and sprung for front and center first row pit seats at South Florida State College and I absolutely loved the show "Recycled Percussion" Friday night. The college auditorium rivals that of anything found in Tampa or Orlando and doesn’t require a road trip. The acoustics, lighting and special effects are comparable to the big cities.

I have to admit I was curious to see how makeshift drums created out of odds and ends could put out a sound worth hearing. I invited my daughter and her boyfriend, ages 22/23, from Tampa/Miami and they couldn’t believe they could find something that appealed to their age group right here in Highlands County.

The performers were very personable and interactive with the audience in this intimate setting. Just wanted to say thank you to SFSC Director of Cultural Programs Cindy Garren, for having the foresight to recruit such a quality performance that spanned the generations with their junk rock music of the '60s, '70s and '80s.

Thanks for recognizing that not everyone in Highlands County belongs to the geriatric set. In fact, there were families with children, as well as octogenarians and everything in between. (They even offered earplugs in the event things got too loud. Front row and in my 50s, I did not need them!) Highlands County's best kept secret didn't miss a beat!

Linda Roman