Each year, Highland County Audubon Society awards up to three scholarships to Highlands County high school seniors. This year a senior from each high school received a $500 scholarship from the Highlands County Audubon Society (HCAS) during their school’s end-of-year award ceremonies.

The award of the competitive scholarships is based on the applicant’s field of study, academic achievement, and response to essay questions. Each year HCAS scholarship applications are available to those seeking a college degree related to environmental studies, such as ornithology, environmental science/engineering, biology, hydrogeology, ecology, conservation, geoscience, or related fields. Applications are available to Highlands County high school seniors at the beginning of the year and are available through the School’s Guidance/Career Counselor Office.

The three very deserving seniors to receive a 2021 HCAS Scholarship were Faith Zahn from Lake Placid High, Camila Rimoldi Ibanez from Sebring High, and Josh Farless from Avon Park High.

Highlands County Audubon Society, Inc., was founded in 1960 to educate, aid in conserving natural ecosystems and help with habitat conservation through increasing public awareness, field trips, a newsletter, advocacy and volunteer activities. HCAS’s purpose is to promote an understanding of wildlife and the environment that supports it, encouraging the protection of all species of flora, fauna, and marine life, and promote the sensible us of natural resources.

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