The present moment is reality, so let’s explore a new yoga pose for the new year. In yoga we confront new postures every time we throw out the yoga mat that invigorates new learning. As we move into each new pose, we do the best we can and adapt our body to move forward. We begin to learn a new posture with a positive point of view and look for small accomplishments each day. Thus, let’s select a yoga pose that may not be so familiar and accept the challenge to initiate it. Let’s attempt to “adapt” our body to a new posture with correct form.

What about “Board Pose.”

Here’s how to do it. First, stand tall in Mountain Pose. Keep a strong balanced stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Next, bring one leg to the back and keep it very straight. Raise both arms into a “V” and extend them above the shoulders. Keep the back leg unbent, as you slowly bend the back leg to the floor and then bend the front leg close to the floor. Keep tightening and pulling up the core (abdominal muscles) which is the power strength of the pose in maintaining balance. Repeat three times on each leg and deepen the “dip.” Hold the pose for at least a count of 10 each time you bend to the ground.

“Board Pose” is a great posture to strengthen balance, leg muscles and lengthen the spine. Keep breathing deeply through the nose and exhaling the toxins in the body, slowly.

“Board Pose” can also be done by standing in “Mountain Pose” and extending one leg forward as you keep the other one straight; rotate the legs. Each pose requires balance, so keep the feet shoulder-width apart. The difference in this pose is standing tall and bending each leg to the floor from a straight position. Both poses challenge “balance.” It is a great yoga practice to continue to do in each session, so add it to your routine. If this pose is difficult at first, good. As we adapt to new challenges to move forward, repetition improves posture and form if initiated correctly.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) astrophysicist shared this insight about new challenges: “Dynamic Equilibrium is the capacity to adapt provides the ability to evolve. Everything in the universe is in ‘instantaneous equilibrium’ governed by ‘nod-linear dynamics.’”

Do we as human follow suit by learning a new challenge each day, doing what we need to do to create the growth environment for “instantaneous dynamic equilibrium” in the mind body? Thoughts to ponder.