LAKE PLACID — AdventHealth Medical Group Vascular Medicine is expanding cardiovascular services to the Lake Placid community beginning June 5. AdventHealth Medical Group Vascular Medicine at Lake Placid, located at 1352 U.S. 27 North, Lake Placid will offer clinical services from board-certified vascular specialists, Dr. Thomas Shimshak and Dr. Shahnaz Punjani. The practice will specialize in vascular medicine and interventional therapies for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which effects the arteries in the legs, stomach, arms and head that lead to the heart.

AdventHealth Medical Group Vascular Medicine works collaboratively with additional specialists dedicated to patients with PAD, including kidney and diabetic specialists, podiatrists, neurologists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and wound care specialists to provide patients with the system’s unique brand of whole person care.

The AdventHealth network includes increased access to specialists and surgeons, as well as nearly 50 hospital campuses throughout almost a dozen states. AdventHealth Medical Group is comprised of nearly 250 providers, operating in more than 90 locations, representing over 30 medical specialties in the West Florida Division.

For more information on AdventHealth Medical Group Vascular Medicine at Lake Placid or to make an appointment, call 863-471-3926 or visit