Yoga For Life Jan 22

Observe the grace of Jaqueline Coelho, who just learned the posture and initiates it beautifully!

Yoga postures have inherited their names from ancient, esoteric Indian texts translated today as “Garudasana” or “Eagle Pose.” Eagle Pose challenges the body to move through awkward twists and turns making adjustments to feel poised and graceful. Garudasana expresses a flowing sense, transmuting awkward stages of learning the posture into a feeling of “soaring like an eagle!”

The whole body participates, breaking through restrictive physical limitations to enjoy the beauty and essence of the pose. Observe the grace of Jaqueline Coelho, who just learned the posture and initiates it beautifully!

Let’s break down how to do Eagle Pose to liberate tight constrictions, strengthen the core and flow into form, letting go and riding the wind like an eagle. “Riding the wind” means straddling the flow of energy, as in any life situation, not being bowled over by circumstances. Flowing into Eagle Pose, reinforces the meaning being open to what is occurring without resistance, consequently discovering stability and balance.

As you flow into the twists of Garudasana, the body may become tense and unbalanced. This is a challenge to overcome as the body tightens instead of loosening until we discover our graceful balance in freeing constrictions. Overcoming restrictions in mind and body redefines confidence and fortitude.

How to do the posture: Begin with the forearms pressing into each other, lifted at the elbow with one elbow crossing over into the other, with palms together and lifted. Bend the knees and wrap one leg behind and around the calf of the other, as you gracefully lift the arms and gradually straighten the knees. Squeeze the legs tightly together as you lift up.

The top leg is firmly wrapped over the bottom leg. Keep the feet forward and center your balance. If you are unable to straighten the body from a knee bend, rest one toe on the floor and raise the arms.

Done properly and consistently, the most noticeable benefits include stronger arms, legs, knees and ankles. The pose increases circulation to all joints and improves digestion. Eagle Pose improves balance and widens the upper back by creating space between the shoulder blades, building a sturdy balance as the back of pelvis is also widened. The pose creates self-confidence in overcoming obstacles.

Think of the body as a living vine, intertwining as it lifts and releases energy. Jaqueline is consistent and perseveres in achieving her graceful form in the picture of Guarudansa or Eagle Pose.