The da Vinci Xi Surgical System in use.

SEBRING — Highlands Regional Medical Center, owned by HCA Healthcare, is proud to announce that it has recently acquired the latest da Vinci Xi Surgical System, bringing to the region the most innovative minimally invasive technology in the world. Highlands Regional has advanced the technology across a wide range of surgical specialties, along citizens to receive care in the area they live and reside. The Xi system has broader capabilities than prior generations of the robot and can be used across a wide spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures including complex, multi-quadrant surgeries.

Highlands Regional Medical Center has invested $2.3 million dollars to launch its minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery program featuring the latest technological equipment. Surgeons at Highlands Regional will begin using the da Vinci Xi robot, which will allow patients in the Heartland to receive advanced surgical care close to home.

“This investment in cutting-edge technology symbolizes HCA Healthcare’s commitment to always delivering excellent care within the community we serve,” said Jason L. Kimbrell, Chief Executive Officer at Highlands Regional Medical Center.

This latest robotic equipment available at the robotic-assisted surgery program at Highlands Regional is designed to perform complicated surgeries for conditions in colorectal, gynecology, urology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery all while staying close to home.

Minimally invasive robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform procedures without large incisions. Instruments on the arms of a robotic console are inserted into small incisions at surgical sites like the abdomen or pelvis. During these procedures, the surgeon is in the same room with the patient and is completely in control of the robot. The surgeon manipulates the instruments in real-time through small incisions resulting in virtually scar free surgery. Benefits of robotic surgery may include:

Less postoperative pain; less blood loss; less scarring; minimized rate of postoperative infection; shorter hospital stay and faster recovery and return to normal activities.

Highlands Regional Medical Center is part of HCA East Florida Division, the largest robotic surgery program on the East Coast of Florida. The hospital will soon unveil this cutting edge technology to the community through a hands-on experience using the robot and learn about robotic surgery. Please visit for the latest information.