Nutritional food is fundamental to a healthy body, mind and spirit. Hunger and poor digestion create mental and physical havoc in the body, thus, selectivity in food choice is a primal need. In this Century, some fortunate humans are offered a variety of nutritional options to maintain health versus non-nutritional, tempting eye and taste appealing options. Healthy dietary choices are vital to a lifetime of health and fitness!

Yoga practice supports a deep understanding of individual physical and nutritional needs based upon research and objective personal observation of the internal and external body as well as consultation with a nutritionist and physician. Yoga poses help the body metabolize and digest food, eliminate toxins and grow healthy muscles, tissues and organs. Deep breathing is also fundamental in oxygenating the blood and eliminating toxins. Each day is a breath of fresh air to awaken and renew.

One challenging yoga posture to revive stiff, internal organs and eliminate fermenting toxins in the body is “Revolved Triangle.” This pose stimulates digestion by challenging the body to move or twist in many directions. “Revolved Triangle” awakens muscles and facia throughout the body. Even with three points of the body contacting the floor (both feet and one hand) with a tight core, this pose requires a considerable amount of balance to maintain a stable position.

It is one of the best poses to engage muscles to lengthen as they twist on a spiral line to the right and left side sweeping down and around the rib cage, across the navel and down the hips, as the shoulders twist on each side of the leg while holding the pose. This may sound complicated but it is a step-by-step process. Yoga practitioners in the 6:15 p.m. YMCA class, Dawn, Carol T., Terry, Jean, Tammy, Jerry, Cory and Celeste, beautifully perform individual levels of “Revolved Triangle.”

Stages of ‘revolved triangle’

Begin moving the body into each stage of the balancing pose with legs wide apart and core abdominal muscles actively engaged. Turn the entire body on the long side of the mat and balance on the ball of the extended right leg, lunging forward with a bent knee on the opposite leg.

Next, extend the left arm forward then down the right side of the right calf as you twist to the right; extending the right arm up to the sky and circling it to the back, keeping it flush against the right side all the way around in a circle, three times. The abdominal core muscles have to work hard to stay contracted as the body twists.

Practitioners may have difficulty in the core rotation, keeping the arm next to the body, not reaching out to the side, due to tight shoulders. However, “Revolved Triangle” is a great pose to re-align the body and awaken stiffened muscles to a wider range of motion.

Twisting the core on both sides, moves the internal organs for improved digestion and holding the pose stores muscle memory to do it again in the correct form. It is also very important to cultivate a “growth mindset.” The fixed mind often interprets common mistakes as personal shortcomings or lack of ability. A growth mindset cultivates physical and psychological health. Give the brain a new challenge to grow. Practice “Revolved Triangle.”