Yoga For Life Sept 23

“Mindfulness” is a philosophy and practice applied to everyone in daily situations requiring focus on action and responsibility.

“Mindfulness” is a term often used in yoga to call attention to concentrated energy from the mind into the body to focus on correctly performing postures for the greatest health benefit. However, “mindfulness” is a philosophy and practice applied to everyone in daily situations requiring focus on action and responsibility. Recently, a contagion of unexpected events brought “mindful” Sebring individuals to the foreground.

A series of circumstances stirred a deeper look into “mindfulness” that, in this case, was termed by Dennis Kellner, owner of Warren’s Auto Service and his associates, Victor Anderson and Donald Ford as “providence.” The Oxford dictionary refers to providence, “as an unexpected lifting from strife.”

In history, the Pilgrims of the 1600s, a small spiritual group sailing across the high seas to create a colony in New England are cited as experiencing “providence” when their giant sailing vessel was blown off course in reaching America when the main beam of a tall mast was destroyed. As they faced death, a few Pilgrims gathered together in a small compartment of the sinking vessel and penned their immortal goals into the Mayflower Compact.

In the meantime, one crew member diligently repaired the broken mast and they continued their journey to America; no Pilgrims died. Their amazing survival was recorded in history as an act of “providence.”

In recent times in Sebring, Florida, an unexplained event of “mindfulness” focused on some car keys that mysteriously disappeared. Several people, unbeknownst to them, “mindfully” followed their intuition. It began with Jeanne of Jared’s Ford, who was contacted by the owner of the keys, to make new ones from a spare copy. At the same time, Dennis Kellner, owner of Warren’s Auto and his associates, Victor Anderson and Donald Ford saw the Warren Auto trademark on a key chain posted on Facebook.

Tina Haley’s husband had stumbled upon some keys on a remote street corner near their house and posted a picture. The men at Warren’s Auto contacted her. Through a chain of people, the owner was located and the keys returned. Ironically, the owner had bought a car, years ago from Warren’s Auto. The rest of the story remains a mystery.

Several days later, the circle of “mindful” local area residents expanded. Donald Ford called these events, “providence,“ or coming together of some good people in Sebring.

These are other Sebring area people who turned up unexpectedly during this same time: Ron Hancock (La Grow Irrigation); Jennifer, Kevin and Joshua (Air and Electrical Services); Giselle and Penny Ogg (Elections Supervisor and associate); Lori Mesa and Terry Woodrum (Palmdale Horse Club); John Peeples, cowboy and yoga photographer. “Mindfulness” means acknowledging those, who in their daily walk of life, offer a positive contribution to others without any expectation.

“Mindfulness traveled across the world from India as a Buddhist and yoga philosophy and practice into mainstream science and medicine in the United States. It became a pivotal therapeutic technique incorporated into psychology and Cognitive Therapy.” (

If you know mindful people, acknowledge their awareness and contribution as your return gratitude to them in these troubled times.