Now that we are firmly into 2020, it’s time to start looking at goals for the new year. Looking at what I’ve lost the past year, my primary goal would be to lose an additional 40 pounds, which would bring me to the goal I set for myself last year at 100 pounds lost.

I had big ambitions to lose it all last year but in the grand scheme of things I still did pretty well.

Unfortunately, I seem to be prone to hurting myself. I started the new year off with a bang of sorts when I fell down some steps onto my tailbone. I’m sure you know how unforgiving concrete is. The pain is great and radiates up my spine to my shoulders and into my hip. I did go see my doctor who had x-rays done that don’t show any sort of fracture or crack, so there’s that at least. Still doesn’t fix the pain, however.

And wouldn’t you know that I had to get an injury that makes it painful and uncomfortable to sit, which is what I do for work. My doctor prescribed some Naproxen for the pain, and it helps.

A bit of good news, though. My 19-year-old son has further changed his eating habits for the better. The usual baked chicken fries or frozen pizza has turned into a large salad and snacking on baby carrots. I haven’t quite got him to start on the zucchini noodles that I eat, but still, it’s a win.

He’s also started walking more, which is always a plus. So, even though I am dealing with my own struggles, it’s nice to see that he is making changes for the better and doing it on his own terms.

Overall, 2020 can only be a better year than 2019 was. There is a lot of potential in the next 11 months and I don’t want to squander it. I’ve still got a long way to go to get myself whole again but I’ve at least got myself back on the right track and pointed in the right direction.