Yoga friend in Canada

{p dir=”ltr”}Dawn Joyce, a yoga practitioner who lives full time in Canada, has attended Nancy Dale’s yoga class for many years. Dale passes on Joyce’s inspiring message, a perspective as to the meaning of “Yoga for Life.”{/p}

Recently, a message arrived from a yoga practitioner, Dawn Joyce, who lives full time in Canada. She has attended the class for many years. With her permission, I am passing on her inspiring message as part of this column. She gives us a perspective as to the meaning of “Yoga for Life.”

“Hi Nancy,

“How lovely to get a note from you.

You may not realize that most of us Canadians are still stuck here in Canada until probably January 2022. Our land border is still not open to non-essential travel, and won’t be for the foreseeable future. Bob and I are well and have managed to avoid COVID to date, but it has been quite a harrowing time since we were last in Florida (March 2020). From quarantine, to lockdown, to a color coded restriction system, mask wearing, hand sanitizing, social distancing, back into another lockdown, zoom meetings, stay at home orders, schools open, schools closed, etc., etc., it has been crazy. We are all VERY tired of it.

This has been our first winter at home in Canada in 14 years – the cold and snow have been a real shocker to our systems. We had to buy winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, scarves, etc., and even put snow tires on the car. We have shoveled lots of snow, but apparently the winter hasn’t been as bad as most winters here. Just for fun I have attached a “selfie” I took of me in my “winter getup.” It seems to take about half an hour just to get everything on to go out for a walk.

So, to answer your question, yes, I would love to go to the Mexican Restaurant if I was there. And, yes, I would love to go to a yoga class anywhere you suggest … if only I was there. I miss my yoga practice with you. I have been doing yoga at home and have joined a class that opened here last fall, then got locked down again, and just reopened this month with a maximum of six allowed in the studio. The vaccines are bringing hope for an end to this. We think the land border will open up once the vaccinations are finished.

I do enjoy reading your “Yoga for Life” article every week. In times of disruptions, we have an opportunity to grow through our yoga practice. Our plan is to be spending January to April of 2022 in Sebring. Hope to see you then. In the meantime, take good care of yourself. I miss you!”


Dawn Joyce

Here is a simple pose to take wherever you may be. Sit on your yoga mat with legs outstretched in front of you. Inhale deeply. After several breaths, return to a regular seated position with legs comfortably folded. Just repeat this posture, pulling forward, holding the posture and returning to a gentle folded leg position. Take this time to close the eyes and meditate on your posture, releasing tension each time you pull forward to your knees or toes. Yoga does not take strenuous poses to result in benefits. Meditative yoga brings harmony and peace; just enjoy the slow concentrated movement. Walk your yoga path to harmony every day and a new you will evolve.

Thank you Dawn for your letter. See you soon!

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