Yoga For Life Dec 25

The YMCA 10:30 a.m. yoga class in a spirit of self-discovery. Pictured are Jenny, Terry, Bonnie, Peggy, Laurie, Armado, Kath, Celest, Suzanne and Cory.

Classical Greek philosopher Socrates (470-399 BC), one of the founders of Western philosophy pondered, after having seen all the inventions of his time, “This is interesting but what have your learned about yourself?” More importantly, he added, “How do people get time for what is infinitely more important: Thinking for themselves?” (From Rectoral Address “Adventures” delivered by Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen, Oct. 3, 1926).

Spending quality time getting to know and understand our body, mind, emotions and spirit is time well-spent. During the holiday season, we visit with people we care about, meet new surprising people who cross our path and through every experience, express “gratitude.” Hopefully, the holidays offer some small space of leisure time that we may ponder our self, our inner being and appreciate those around us.

Those of us who take a yoga class, we do this every time we roll out our mat, discovering a fresh awareness of “reality,” if only for a second in our lifetime. As we practice yoga, we are awakened to embrace every moment, the positive and negative, as all phases are an opportunity to grow. “Time” is a window and adventure of self-discovery.

Perhaps we can purposely set aside time this season to part from the hustle of life to renew, grow and appreciate the beauty of the present through all its phases. Yoga provides the opportunity to explore a path of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth; we just have to awaken our awareness to this level of consciousness. Of prime importance is that we flow with the momentum of self-discovery.

Each time we to yoga class, we discover more about our self, our beauty and strength within. Yoga is focusing inward. The mind creates the visualization.

Yoga return us to simplicity. We release anxieties and renew our total being. We take time to ponder our life stream and quality of life in every move with the goal to gain the most from each day with a “smile,” just as these yoga practitioners in the picture. What greater git can life offer us but to discover the beauty in our self and others each day?