Tree pose

Nancy Dale washing dishes at a Cow Camp doing yoga “Tree Pose.”

Yoga is a practice that we take with us as it can be done anywhere, even at a Cow Camp in Venus, Florida washing dishes. This is why Yoga is a “Practice,” not an exercise, since we focus on incorporating Yoga poses into everyday activity. Yoga is “visualization,” focusing inward, envisioning and initiating poses that can be done anywhere. So, let’s get ready and go for it!

“Tree Pose” is a great posture to do while standing around. Begin “Tree Pose” by maintaining balance. If you need to lean against a sink or object to gain equilibrium, then do so. Next, free the arms and bend the knee on one leg, resting the foot against the inner thigh of the other leg. Then work on maintaining balance as you wash dishes or perform other standing tasks. After a few minutes on one leg, shift to the other. Be happy that you have put this “spare” time to good use!

There are other standing Yoga poses that can be incorporated into everyday chores. A good one to practice while waiting around for an order to be filled is “Extended Mountain Pose.” Focus on the pose, not other people who may be taking an askance curious glance at you. Thank yourself, as you may inspire their curiosity to know more about Yoga! Stand tall and take a deep breath. Raise your arms up to the sky, palms facing inward, then forward bend deeply from the waist and just hang.

Hold the pose for a few minutes and let the blood replenish the muscle tissue with fresh oxygen in shoulders, arms and lowered head. Clear out mental/physical tension as you hang and let go of all thoughts. This pose takes a bit of “fortitude” to focus inward with distractions around you but you can celebrate later, knowing you have applied your free Yoga “waiting” opportunity to benefit your peace of mind and personal growth.

We might note that in these perpetually changing times, people take inanimate computers everywhere and close out the world from other human beings. So, why not awaken our own consciousness and come alive from within at every opportunity we are afforded to rejuvenate life within us and around us? This is why we call Yoga, “a practice” not a workout (although it is all encompassing). A continued long-term Yoga practice regenerates growth.

Everyday life often presents veiled opportunities to awaken mind/body by turning inward and re-evaluating direction/goals. Perhaps a refreshing new perspective can reframe our outlook and actions. A quote from 17th Century Scottish Mayor Alexander Chalmers provides some thoughts to ponder, “Something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.” Life is vibrating all around us if we see, feel it and maintain a positive attitude. We begin where we are at the present moment to awaken growth. Thus, let’s take “Tree Pose” with us into our everyday repertoire of healing practices and enjoy the challenge!