The importance of maintaining a healthy yoga practice has a purpose: It is a focus of creating infection prevention of mind and body.

Taking “control of thoughts” is the first step in building healthy habits. It takes focus, dedication, concentration and reinforcement to create and establish a positive reality; not a media image. No one controls our thoughts and actions unless we let go of our focus, direction and goals. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is not random, it is the creating of our personal reality, selective choices, not of the world but our thoughts to create/practice a healthy consciousness. We have to clear and clean out the mind of extraneous input that is shoveled heavily from the media and others, who have turned over their thinking, smothering personal preferences, “living” on the internet, social media and letting it shape our reality. Very negative! By choosing a selective focus on a healthy mind and body, we take charge of our lives and dismiss the extraneous conditioning. This is a must. We are in charge of activating our personal direction and goals to better our lives and discover happiness..

It is time to clean out the mind and the follow-up behaviors. Begin by setting time to sweep out the mind of meaningless thoughts that do not add to a positive reality. Thus, right now, sit down, close your eyes and let go of all negative thoughts. This may be difficult as these thoughts accumulate subconsciously and we absorb them into our mind and actions. We become an “automaton,” a robot. Time to take charge of housecleaning the mind, the first step. Thus, when sitting with crossed legs or even just in a wooden chair with straight back, we are making the first choice for health.

Yes, this is the first step in house cleaning. Second, clear out the surroundings of any distractions so you are surrounded in quietness and peace. Choose a harmonious setting with all noise curtailed, especially technology. Technology has become a nemesis if we let it seep into every crevice of our life as if it is “essential.” Do not let technology take control of our life. The first step is to take control of thoughts. Beginning with a Yoga meditation that we can repeat is a beginning.

“I am whole, well and alive with energy. I will focus my thoughts and actions on wellness. I repeat the mantra: “ Wherever I go, there I am.”

Focus on these thoughts at the beginning of the day and formulate your choice of actions to be in charge of what you do. Begin this new habit each day: Meditate for a few minutes to choose who you are going to be today and the actions that will assist in moving in that direction. Clean house and throw out the clutter. You may be surprised how “brainwashing” of advertising slogans, actions and visions clutter the mind with empty, unproductive thoughts and actions that focus on emptiness. When you sit in a quiet meditative ouster with the spine long and straight, let that be your new guiding light each day. With eyes closed and deep inhales and exhales through the nose, you begin to clear the mind for a new day and focus.

Take charge of your thoughts. Have you subconsciously lost control of who you are? Are you becoming a copy of an advertising image? Is this who you are? Do you absorb the thoughts of advertised images that are designed to move you to accept the thoughts and images of others?

In a yoga practice, we start with creating our mind and body each day. It is work and dedication. If we turn on the computer or phone as the first action, what are we attempting to accomplish? Are we waking up by relinquishing who we are to whatever influences come through on technology? Do we look at “face book” (notice the intentional lowercase “F” in the word), we look inside at our own image. When in yoga meditation, we are cleaning the useless from the mind and taking actions we choose to begin. First thing in the morning, awake with a positive outlook. Despite allowing bombarding thoughts that direct our actions, be discriminating. Awake with a purpose to fulfill harmony despite the frustrations of conditioned thinking of what is being delivered to our mind as “important.” Sort out what is truly essential to make your day happy and your body healthy.

Soundly stand up from your seated position slowly with intention. Avoid jumping into the day, moving again and repeating the same repetitive “no win” actions. Make positive, selective thoughts and follow up with a new action that eliminates the stale old ways. Take action on what you want to accomplish to create harmony in your life. When you stand, begin the day with ten deep breaths, tall posture (no slumped shoulders that block energy and send that breath throughout the body. Establish a new vision of how you want to choose to think and take actions to create energy in the body. Reshape your mind in order to reshape the actions you choose to create a new life.

Choose this yoga practice to create a new you each moment of each day. Turn inward to gain strength by focusing on who you are and want to be. This is where we live, not actualizing a fake reality with tension and stress. Let those thoughts go no matter what. It is time to house cleans our mind, and focus on moving forward with our lives by practicing calmness in fluffing our personally selected goals. Release the “automaton” and rediscover our new self. It is a new time so begin in the present moment to manifest your image and actions. Bring your actions into every day and practice thoughts that direct your goal to live in beauty, peace and joy! Take up the challenge of practicing yoga each day in mind and body to reinforce your personal strength. Choose life!