I’m both bemused and distressed in reading Miguel Arceo’s column in the Monday Highlands News-Sun. I suggest that he strive to be as knowledgeable in history as he is in composition. I imagine his English teacher taught him to open an expository essay with a “cosmic” thesis statement that would grab and hold the attention of his reader. What he may not understand is that, when such a statement is stark, raving hyperbole, he loses both his credibility and his audience.

To state that “Tomorrow will mark the final day of arguably one of the most influential decades this country has ever seen” in the face of our actual history betrays a lack of knowledge that’s breathtaking. One may excuse it given he’s only in his second decade and has quite a lot yet to learn. But he may wish to keep in mind that ignorance is not bliss.

Scratching the surface, Mr. Arceo would do well to study the American Revolution, the Civil War and “Reconstruction” (then lecture me about Partisanship!), WW I, The Great Depression, WW II and the Atomic Bomb, the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, and Vietnam. Just a few things that happened in vastly more “… influential decades …” than the one now closing.

I would urge him to study history in order that he and his age cohort may be truly ready for “… whatever the next decade has in store for us.” To quote Edmund Burke, “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

John M. Tallent