In addressing a previous writer who thinks that the measures taken by many to protect themselves from COVID-19 make them look ridiculous, I would say that I’m sorry it’s inconvenient for you that 35,000 cases have been contracted in Florida alone, contributing to 1,360 deaths in just over two months time. Around the world, over 3 million infections have led to about 250,000 deaths, with the US leading the charge.

It’s sad that you think people have fed into designed and controlled hysteria. Perhaps life is trivial to you. If something doesn’t directly affect you, it must not be important.

Your reference to people looking like ‘clowns’ wearing face masks is out of line and makes you look out of touch or maybe you’re just uncaring. This disease kills often and quickly worldwide and I’m disappointed that you find preventive measures so ridiculous. Maybe that mindset is part of the reason this plague has spread so quickly.

What’s ridiculous is that so many take virulent disease so lightly.

Horace Markley