Doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, labs, etc. all over the world are trying to find a vaccine to combat this lethal, worrisome COVID-19 virus. Most experts agree that it will take approximately one-and-one-half years to obtain a vaccine that has been tested and re-tested.

So now, how do we get this miracle drug to the people of the world? Of course, this assumes that whichever country finds the cure first, will share with the rest of the world. How do we do this? The Army of the United States can mobilize faster than most any other in the world.

Our government needs to assign the correct people to a task force to immediately start to organize the logistics so that every person and child in this country will be vaccinated. This should be of paramount concern to Congress. But, what do we do in the meantime?

We all get tested. You or I might be a carrier of the disease but show no symptoms ourselves. Why is it that we all cannot get tested? The greatest country in the world and we are sitting out there on a limb.

President Trump has said that we will be testing millions of people very soon. Why soon? Why not now?

Judith Eckstein