What Russian collusion? All along, it was China collusion. While Trump was being investigated for Russia collusion, the left Democrats were playing with China. California Democrat Swalwell was unzipping for a Chinese spy while Hunter Biden was selling his father's vice president title for millions as Hillary was selling her future crown as president for foreign nation monies into the Clinton Foundation, making her and her husband Bill worth over $250 million. Yep, the greatest enemy of the U.S. is not China, not Russia, not Iran nor North Korea, but the social media giants, the far-left Democrats and George Soros, who wants to destroy America and its exceptionalism.

The Democrats have always cheated during elections starting way back with L.B.J., but nothing like these elections. The Democrats want to continue shutdowns even with a vaccine, not because of the COVID-19 virus uprise, but to bankrupt all small businesses funded by a few big businesses and George Soros to accomplish two goals – one, bringing in more revenue to these big businesses and two, making more people dependent on government creating a socialistic society. The Democrat-run states and cities have but all closed down every business in site and why I am glad to live in the red state of Florida with a great governor.

George Soros, a far-left clown, funds the BLM that loots and burns buildings. George Soros wants anarchy to bring down a system he hates, capitalism. Meanwhile, the Bidens are in cahoots with China. The far-left Democrats want to control, period.

If and only if the two Senate runoffs end up with the two Democrats winning, everyone can kiss this country good-bye. Human beings are very flawed and God has every right to send all to the lake of fire everlasting.

Bruce Tooker


Editor's note: Rep. Eric Swalwell associated with suspected Chinese spy Fang Fang (who also went by Christine Fang), according to Forbes. Fang helped raise funds for Swalwell’s 2014 House re-election campaign and reportedly continued working for Swalwell as a "bundler" before unexpectedly leaving the U.S. in 2015. Swalwell cut all his ties to Fang after he was alerted by the FBI to the investigation. according to Axios.