LAKE PLACID — Jose Ibanez opened his nursery business 30 years ago at 412 W. Interlake Blvd. in Lake Placid. His staff of 10 people have served the area ever since, helping residents beautifully landscape their yards with trees, bushes, palms, flowers and lawns.

A year-and-a-half ago, Ibanez built a patio at the nursery as a showplace where people could rent it for special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, graduations or other parties.

His bookkeeper, Diana Council, who is also an artist, suggested that they hold an event so visitors could come to view the beautiful patio for themselves. Last Saturday, with the help of seven artists including Council, Ibanez held “Art in the Garden.”

Visitors began arriving at 10 a.m. to walk through the garden patio and view the work of the artists. Crowds streamed in all morning and early afternoon.

David Colvin displayed his realism paintings created from photographs. Lori Roulette showed her homemade designed jewelry, while Betty Hilliard sold her stitching and worked on commissioned pieces so guests could watch the intricacies of her talent. Devani Vasquez came to showcase her gorgeous beaded earrings.

Debbie Richie, whose company is named Flipped Décor, had an array of creative home décor items. Barbara Ferguson, who with her husband Don, collected unique rocks up north, brought them south and used acrylics to paint and seal them with images of butterflies, frogs and more. Diana Council welcomed admirers of her acrylic painting on canvas.

Chris Wiggins served a variety of wines by the glass. Jessica Whidden served scrumptious pizza slices and salads from the visiting food truck, “Knead the Dough.” And the nursery Boston Terrier mascot Mia, owned by employee Sioly Marquez, delighted the visitors as the pup rolled over to receive tummy rubs.

The artists did a brisk business and many took custom orders. Guests leisurely made their way around, breathing in the relaxing ambiance of the patio and waterfall. Besides viewing the artistic creations, the visitors purchased a full of array of potted plants and flowers that make Ibanez Gardens a fun place to find just about anything green or colorful that thrives in the Florida climate.

Jose Ibanez was pleased with the event and “Art in the Garden” might just become an annual event.

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