My thoughts on the waterfront plan in downtown Sebring:

1) Leave the historic houses in the plan district alone. They have quite an interesting history. Just ask about that at the Sebring Historical Society.

2) Improve the current swimming beach. However, building a swimming pool would create something costly that would need to be maintained.

3) Modernize the Jack Stroup Civic Center, as it is dated. It may need a major rebuild.

4) I think by now the public library, the Highlands Lakeside Theatre and the Highlands Museum of the Arts are now no longer part of any redevelopment plans. Leave them alone, as they are functioning well.

5) People are already using the area between Lakeview Drive and Franklin Street as a park. Turn it into a nice community park, which can, as well, be used for small outdoor events.

6) Promote the downtown circle. If small businesses can thrive there, this will help bring even more small businesses to downtown.

7) This gets away from downtown, but I walked around Lake Jackson recently. The only place any public park benches exist are at Veterans Beach and in the vicinity of the Civic Center. Place a few public benches around the lake and mark them as public benches.

Bill Pollard

Avon Park