The Democrats from day one said, we are going to impeach Trump; one Democrat being Maxine Waters. Get this folks, he just started and has done nothing yet and the Democrats were talking impeachment.

Then, down the way, Schiffty (Adam) Schiff, said, he had proof of obstruction and collusion with Russia and we had a two-year investigation with Mueller and guess what. Nothing! Strike two for Schiffty Schiff: No obstruction, no collusion.

Now Schiffty Schiff is investigating Trump for quid pro quo and for the past three months. All Schiff can do so far is get Trump's acquaintances in trouble but, no quid pro quo.

Now, I do not look at liberal fake polls and will never do so but, I look at the amount of money raked in, rally crowd size and what people write about in articles on sites where people blog and, let me tell you, Democrats should be very worried.

My take on the election and where it's going? One, the Democrats better hope that Sleepy Joe Biden wins because most Americans will not vote for a socialist. Two, Tulsi Gabbard will run as a third party candidate eventually along with Jill Stein and maybe others who will steal votes from the democratic candidate; and three, and most important, if, and I mean if, Shiffty Schiff can not prove quid pro quo, Democrats will lose big time.

Bruce Tooker

Lake Placid