I have been watching this great historical event unfold in the hallowed halls of Congress. The highly paid and astute elected Senators have been attempting to fill their obligation to determine innocence or guilt of the 45th president on two matters of breaking the law.

Well, the people involved apparently don't seem to be too concerned about how the history books will write this story, mainly because they (Senators) don't seem to care about listening to what has been described as a forgone conclusion that Donald J.Trump is innocent. Lack of attention to detail is noticeable as reporters in the gallery note empty seats on the Republican side. One reporter noticed Rand Paul working a crossword puzzle. Many of the Senators simply get up and go into the cloak room (whatever that is) and wander around there for a time.

Trump wanted lawyers that were good on TV ... in other words, he was looking for actors to come across the screen for the home folks. I really don't think the White House lawyers care about innocence or guilt; their job is to get Trump off the hook any way they can. In short folks, this impeachment charade is just that ... a three-act comedy.

Hal Graves