Like many I too was refused my Corona19 [sic] shot on Thursday even with an appointment number, time slot, and five pages completed bar having pushed the Submit multiple times. Had a long conversation at the door with the manager and two very nice officers. The manager admitted the website was a failure and said just call the hotline. The magical hotline that doesn’t get answered.

I had carefully followed all instructions on the webpage and in good faith arrived prepared to receive my precious shot but was denied.

At home I began calling the hotline and only 138 attempts later spoke to a nice person at the hotline who again took my info and assured me my 12-digit code would place me on the special list for a callback confirmation and placed my wife, who didn’t get thru [sic] the first day, on a secondary list.

So nearly three days later on Sunday with no callback it’s back to the hotline which was quickly answered after four attempts by another very nice agent. I was assured we must be on the lists and no other calls or attempts on Monday at 8 a.m. would be necessary.

My confidence level is near zero. But a simple solution might help, as I was exiting the designated parking area I noticed many, many out-of-state license plates, snowbirds receiving shots from the allotment for Florida residents. Maybe I should just drive to Indiana, Ohio or Michigan and steal a shot from their allotment.

Ike Saylor