Sneaky Joe wants to raise the minimum wage for people who can’t even get a hamburger order right at the fast food window. He wants to wipe out student loan debts for people who can well afford to pay the loans back. And by the way, I paid my student loan back, every penny, so if these other people’s debts are canceled, I feel like the government should give me a refund based on today’s college costs … might buy myself a beachfront condo.

Joe has shut down the pipeline, cavalierly telling fossil-fuel-dependent workers they can make solar panels. That’s fine, but all the solar panels are made in China … the garden spot I’m sure Joe will retire to one day.

Every day we hear gloom and doom about the China virus, and we get promises of multi-trillion dollar solutions, bills full of pork, items favorable to Joe’s buddies in Big Tech, Big Pharma, the mainstream news media … Biden acolytes every one. Everybody is standing in line to get a piece of the pie …funded by loans from … you guessed it … China, our Big Brother, who’s using our technology to watch our every move.

All these adjustments will result in higher prices at the gas pump, the grocery store, the drug store … clothes will cost more, cars, appliances, you name it.

But Joe promises he’s going to do wonders for everybody, the poor, the downtrodden, especially the illegal downtrodden … come on to America … slip right across those borders and get on our welfare system. We have no-pay housing projects built with American tax dollars waiting for you, right next to the free clinics and free schools. Get your food stamps and head for Publix and Walmart … and the American taxpayer will foot the bill.

Come take those American jobs. Don’t want to work? No problem. The American taxpayer will look after you. Joe’s getting plenty of money for that.

Notice anybody left out of Joe’s grandiose socialist plans.

How about it, Joe! Forget cancelling those student loans. If the government can afford to do that, it can double the amount of Social Security received by us seniors who have worked all our lives and paid into the system. If we can afford free medical care, education, food and housing for illegals, we can give a whole lot more to Social Security recipients.

Where are the bleeding hearts standing up for the people who worked and paid taxes all their lives and are now just barely getting by? The meager increases in Social Security are immediately offset by increases in the premiums for their Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Instead of passing out money to foreign countries and illegal aliens, why is our government not giving money to the people who truly deserve it?

Where are the politicians who could stand up for us? Remember, we still pay taxes that pay your salaries … and we vote.

Suzanna Crean is an Avon Park resident. Viewpoints are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.