We were discussing the unbelievable things that were taking place in America. COVID-19, restrictions, masks, shootings, killing of children, riots, the burning of businesses, violent demonstrations, destruction of our cities, and the defunding of police.

My friend had escaped from the same conditions in Communist Cuba. She came to the United States of America as a 2-year-old with a single mom on a Freedom Flight from Cuba in 1961. She has lived the American dream becoming the vice president of a well-known bank. She retired after 25 years in banking with a pension, changed careers and now owns her own business.

She relates; the first thing they did was to take away your gun, then they dumbed down police authority and arranged for “individuals” to help police. The “individuals” in their communities in turn reported on their neighbor’s activities to authorities.

In America there is a determination to defund the police and take away their authority. The leaders want to send in ill-trained social workers to handle domestic, mental and drug problems.

Be alert! Will these social workers be there to report our activities to authorities as they did in Communist Cuba 60 years ago?

Pray for America.

Betty Hendsbee