Many people wanted a change in our government in 2016. However, is this the change wanted? A president who:

- says he knows more than the generals and the scientists

- says only he can fix things

- says he can shoot someone in public and nothing will happen to him

- overrides the proper authority to give security clearance to certain family members

- says people are great until they disagree with him and then he fires them

- replaces staff with people who have no background for the position they’re taking

- breaks and defies the norms of the presidency

- calls the media fake news unless they report what he wants stated

- uses the word hoax for situations he wants to deny

- separates children for their mothers

- uses teargas to dispel peaceful protesters for a photo op

- wants a military parade but calls service members losers and suckers

- admires Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un

- stands in front of the White House with his family and calls it home

- claims the elections rigged and fraudulent before it even takes place

- smiles at his audience as they chant 12 more years

I don’t want an autocrat, wanna-be dictator, for president, do you?

Sue Kraus