I haven’t written an article for the newspaper for a few weeks. I have been trying to digest the lies, stupidity, poor judgment, viciousness, lack of empathy, self absorption, the degradation of good people and absolutely no rational analysis of any situation by President Donald Trump. You say anything contrary to what he feels or has said and you're out or your reputation is soiled.

Where shall I begin?

Everything comes down from the top. Trump says that he is not a racist and has done more for Blacks and Latinos than any other president. Large majorities of people of color think that he has made things worse. His racial comments and sympathies towards white supremacists have many Americans on edge. One Black American made the remark that if the leader of this country is free to speak like that, there’s going to be people who think it’s OK to speak like that. That is exactly how you foster irrational suspicion of a particular group of people.

Trump nominated Michael Pack, a man who knows nothing of the media, to take the position of CEO of the Agency of Global Media, which has under its umbrella the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia and other agencies. The Agency has had its ups and downs, but, no administration has actively set out to destroy American international broadcasters or remove their independence. But now, one has.

When Michael Pack came into office on June 17, he fired the heads of all the networks in a series of e-mails plus many senior staff and replaced them with people favorable to President Trump.

I shall mention only one more item and leave the rest for another article. William Barr, attorney general of the United States, fired the head of the largest U.S. attorney’s office in the country, namely The District of Columbia. This office handles federal legal matters as well as legal matters normally handled by state and local prosecutors. He next fired the head of the Southern District of New York (SDNY). The SDNY is known for being highly independent and nonpartisan and exceptionally aggressive in their pursuit of justice. He next replaced the head of the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).

These three are the most important agencies in the U.S. They were all replaced with people favorable to President Donald Trump. Just a note, all three have investigations into various Trump dealings.

I hope you will start to see the pattern here. The man who would be king.

Judith Eckstein


2869 Whistle Stop

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