OK, it may be that I am suffering from raging paranoia, either that or I have been dropped into George Orwell"s world and some nefarious lowlife, under the cover of darkness, is changing the handwriting on the side of the barn. A blatant attempt to convince all of us folks that "Socialism" would be good for us. Big Brother is watching and Storm Troopers are surrounding our house carrying a battering ram.

A person from my health insurance called awhile back wanting to schedule a doctor to come into my home and check me out, ask (none of their business questions) regarding the state of my physical and metal health. When I questioned the necessity of said visit, I was told that it would help to lower the cost of health care. Silly me, I obviously flunked economics 101 because I fail the see a correlation between allowing a roving gypsy doctor come for a home visit and cheap health care.

For the record, I am not paranoid and now am going out to vote. When I come home, I am going to reinforce the locks on all of my doors and windows, shelter in place and not answer the telephone until some unspecified date in the year 2021.

Carol Souder

Lake Placid