Your president is constantly referring to the great economy that is the result of higher wages, tax deductions and employment. Well, I can't speak for 331 million people but I can give you examples of just two hard-working Americans enjoying the fruits of this fabulous economy. The economy is reflected in the ups and downs of the stock market.

Well, presently the stock market is good, high returns for investors, etc. Well, the two people I want to discuss are, Mr. Bezos, owner of Amazon; he probably made another million dollars this week in his investments in the stock market. The second person I want to discuss is Mr. Bozo (that's me). My Social Security check went up $14 and a small VA check went up $2.29 for a net gain of $16.29.

Now the rest of the story goes like this: My Medicare deductible went from $135 to $144. The lot rent we pay went up $12 and Xfinity raised their rates $6, for an increase of $27. Doing the math you quickly see my net gain is minus $10.71. The bottom line then, the economy really depends on what tax bracket you're in. Have a nice day.

Hal Graves