I would like to answer the reply to the letter that rejected my assertion that God's hand was present in the battle of Mid Way during the World War II. The Japanese where noted for launching airplanes off their carriers at amazing speeds, and during the heat of the battle confusion broke out as to launch with torpedo's or bombs so they delayed launching. Now in those few minutes, the Americans "luckily(?)," who half were off course and lost, happened to find the Japanese fleet with planes, bombs, torpedoes on three carriers.

If it makes the writer feel better to call it luck, well good luck!

There is God. He is present with his son Jesus Christ, and shows Himself when He should. God's ways are not our ways, but he gave us choice and free will, which maybe we have squandered on greed, lust for power, hate, neglect, and jealousy, thereby causing many of our own woes.

Think for one moment if human-kind would have lived by Jesus's added Commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves how much of our world’s sorrow would have been, has been in the present, and will be, gone!

To the writer of the letter, I asked sincerely to read the Bible with a critical view, test what God says through the prophets, and apply it against what is happening in our world today.

No, there's nothing imaginary about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Just our imagination that we are here all alone.

Jay Broker